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Some ask, what it is that I am saying when I proclaim myself as “QHEEM THE REDEEMED”. I’ll start by saying that to be redeemed is to be delivered from guilt and enslavement to sin. One would think that we can do anything that we like and be all right about it but that is not the case. Before being redeemed I felt the guilt of disobeying God and for that disobedience I did incur the enslavement of sin. It seemed that at that time I could not do right for doing wrong. The scripture teaches us that the wages of sin is death and you could say that at that time I was cruising for a bruising.

Since becoming redeemed, I have been restored to the original state that Adam enjoyed before the fall by reason of his sin, as a creature obedient and dependent upon my creator. I have become devoted to God and conformed to His will and image, and have been admitted to commune with The Father in love.

I commune with God in love when I display the love of God in Parades and Christmas Toy Give-Aways. The music that I play shows the love of God shared with my fellow man. Children are inspired to do well by the continuous display of the love of God made concrete. Every day we wake up is a gift from the Creator and I remind us all of that fact in my creation of “Thank You, For Another Day”. God wants us to talk with Him each and every day. I remind everyone of that fact by thanking God before all of us, each day in song.

My Journey

Welcome good people, I am Qheem the Redeemed, and I am from Vallejo California. I grew up in Vallejo and experienced all the challenges that growing up can bring. Life can be hard at times and I experienced some hard times. With the optimism that comes with youth I did not focus on the things that were negative but instead focused on the things of God that my Mother and Grandmother imparted to me from the faith community that thrived in Vallejo at the time.

As a youth I felt the call of music, and it was said that everywhere I went, I was always rapping and singing with joy in my heart. The classes that I took in school revolved around the arts. I seemed to frame all mundane things up in the artist’s concept of “Imparting Knowledge, and creating delight”. It seemed to me that even the simplest thing could bring delight if viewed in the right light, and even the dullest thing had something to teach.

Then the best thing that can happen occurred and that was my acceptance of the “Call of God” in my life. I answered the call immediately and became a child of God. I became “Qheem The Redeemed”, and have been redeemed for quite some time now.

The results of accepting the “Call Of God”, was that I gained peace in my life. Before the acceptance of the “Call Of God”, I had a fear of coming up short and not making it to life eternal, but after the acceptance I lost all fear. The scriptures teach that we are not given the spirit of fear, but we are given the Spirit of Love and of Power, and of a Sound Mind. I then began the demonstration of Love and of Power and of a Sound Mind. All things changed in my life because of my redeemed status, things became crystal clear and life became focused. You can experience this clarity of mind as well, the Lord has your reward for you too, you only have to accept it and it then will be yours. Visit Qheem The Redeemed’s page often and the nuggets of the redeemed life will be extended to you. Come back and see the new things that are surely to be here on Qheem The

One thought on “Redeemed

  1. It seems you have a blessed life in being able to be redeemed. You mentioned you enjoyed music and that can certainly have the benefit of bringing you closer to the calling of god. It looks like you have more of an exemplary life and have further developed your relationship with god as you have personally developed.

    Or am I missing something. Normally to be redeemed there must be something you need to be redeemed from. Whether it’s gangs or drugs or an un virtuous lifestyle. But whatever your past, the joyous thing is finding god in your heart and being able to talk to him every day.

    May Faith hold you Firm

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